The Trust exists to foster both greater understanding of art by scientists and of science by artists. This applies to every area of scientific and artistic endeavour. For artists it is both to make the basic areas of science intelligible to them so that they might
act as materials for artistic development, and also to encourage artists to tackle scientific themes directly. For scientists it is
to encourage thinking about the human and wholesale ethical dimensions of their work and also to encourage better writing by scientists
as well as a deeper appreciation of non-scientific culture.


Founded initially to hold one major public lecture per year in London, the Trust also publishes this web site and associated newsletter. In future, with further funding, it aims to expand its activities to:

  • promote themed discourse events where artists and scientists gather to discuss their own approaches to single topics such as pattern, colour, glass, mirrors, AI, drugs
  • promote studentships of artists in scientific venues and of scientists in arts venues
  • extend this web site and its associated newsletter and online forum.



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