Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen

Rebecca Rosen is Chair of the Dennis Rosen Memorial Trust. She established the Trust with her brother Nick and her late mother Sylvia to continue her father’s efforts to encourage dialogue and understanding between artists and scientists.

Rebecca is Fellow in Primary Care at the King’s Fund and also works as a part-time GP in South East London. She sees medical work as taking place at the interface between science and art. Effective clinical practice requires doctors to combine the application of scientific knowledge with intuition, interpretation and performance. Her King’s Fund work combines research and development and policy analysis about primary health care services for Londoners.
As a Londoner, Rebecca has grown up enjoying a wide range of theatre, fine art and film. Each of these media has, at times, added to her understanding of the complexities of her ostensibly scientific working world. As a scientist, her father was often frustrated by the limited opportunities to integrate the thinking of artists in consideration of scientific dilemmas and to inject scientific knowledge localdlish into artistic creativity. Rebecca is committed to developing the Trust to promote interaction, dialogue and the exchange of ideas between artists and scientists.

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