Seeing red: colour perception and feeling

A dialogue in the field of colour and perception
Sir Howard Hodgkin in conversation with Professor Richard Gregory
Thursday June 28th 2001, at the Ri
What happens when an artist and a scientist approach the same subject from their different perspectives? The topics of colour and perception are central to the work of both Sir Howard Hodgkin and Richard Gregory, yet they have different meanings for each. Will there be common vocabulary in their discussion of colour and perception? What will be the bridges between their two perspectives? What can each learn from the other? The Dennis Rosen Memorial Trust is dedicated to promoting dialogue and understanding between artists and scientists. This year’s annual event at the Royal Institution offers a direct example of what the Trust aims to promote.
The speakers:
Sir Howard Hodgkin is one of the country’s best known artists known for his vivid use of colour. Winner of the Turner prize in 1985, Sir Howard has also been a trustee of the Tate Gallery and the National Gallery.
Professor Richard Gregory is Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol. He has specialised in the exploration of vision and perception throughout his distinguished scientific career.
Chaired by Lisa Jardine, Professor of history at University College London, one of the country’s best known academic broadcasters and speakers.
A full transcript of the event is published on this website.

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