The Exquisite Corpse Will Drink The Young wine

New site-specific performance as part of MERGE 2012 by Fiona Banner and Viv Albertine with Origamibiro, The Joy of Box, Steve Beresford, James McArthur and a male voice choir
Wednesday, 17th October 2013 7pm-8.30pm
The Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel, 90 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0EX

The Exquisite Corpse Will Drink The Young Wine’ brought together a group of contemporary musicians and artists for a night of performance at the Welsh Congregational Chapel in Borough, London.

The title of the evening was taken from a verbal parlour game appropriated by the Surrealists to celebrate the ‘mystique of accident,’ wherein participants blindly wrote words on a single piece of paper to form bizarre and unexpected sentences. Banner and Albertine presented a new musical re-arrangement of the hit 1966 pop song, Snoopy Vs The Red Baron. The performance pursued the spirit of collaborative endeavour, furthering the narrative of the fictional cartoon beagle and his nemesis ace of aces Manfred Von Richthofen AKA The Red Baron. A German World War One fighter pilot, infamous for the number of soldiers he killed in combat and for the delight he supposedly took in doing so. Largely thanks to wartime propaganda, Richthofen was legendary in his own lifetime and mythologised posthumously.

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