The First Dennis Rosen Memorial Lecture

Carl Djerassi
Friday June 30th 2000 at the Ri
The First Dennis Rosen Memorial Lecture was held on Friday June 30th 2000 at the Royal Institution in London. It was a great success on almost every level by which it could be judged.
The main speaker was Carl Djerassi, the eminent chemist and writer. But there were three other short addresses. The first speaker was Prof. Susan Greenfield, Director of the RI, who outlined the Institution’s role to an audience for many of whom this was their first visit. Then the Trust itself was introduced by Professor Richard Kitney who spoke movingly about Dennis Rosen who had been his formative science teacher. Next, Prof Djerassi was introduced by Lisa Jardine, who explained her reasons for becoming a Trustee of the Dennis Rosen Trust. A full report of the event is published on this website.

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